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Greene Arc, Inc. is a private, non-profit corporation providing Residential, Vocational, Day Support, Job Support, Job Opportunities, Advocacy and Mental Health/Recovery services to citizens with disabilities from Greene and surrounding counties. Our goal is to promote the independence and employment of individuals with disabilities.


Greene Arc’s Board of Directors & the Executive Director are pleased to announce, Travis Duncan, Greene Arc’s MH Director, has been selected for the Executive Director’s position.


Travis has been employed with Greene Arc since January 2014 and has served as the MH Director. During Travis’s time with Greene Arc; he has been included in various administrative duties involving ODP requirements. Travis has been a team member for Greene Arc’s Quality Management Committee and served with other administrative directors on the completion of the ODP annual requirement of the Quality Assessment And Improvement (QA&I). Travis has gained knowledge submitting, and has been successful in obtaining, grants that provide additional funds to fill financial gaps, which governmental funds do not provide.


A transition plan has been developed and will continue to evolve in the next four months. During this time, Travis will have the opportunities to meet with all employees (DSPs) in all departments.


I am supportive of this selection for the new leadership role of the Executive Director. Greene Arc has had outstanding leadership with all Administrative Directors and that will continue.


Please join me in welcoming Travis Duncan as the new Executive Director. Travis’s official start date, in his new role, is March 1, 2024.


Thank you,

Cynthia L. Dias

Executive Director

Greene Arc, Inc.               

October 27, 2023 - Announcement of New Executive Director

Recycling Trailers Available At the Following Locations:

  • Cumberland Twp. - Township Bldg - 100 Municipal Road, Carmichaels

  • Monongahela Twp. - Township Bldg - 128 Maple Ridge Rd, Greensboro

  • Morris Twp. - Township Bldg - 1317  Browns Creek Road, Sycamore

  • Waynesburg University - Lower Parking Lot on Franklin St., Waynesburg  (Thursdays only from 9:00am to 2:00pm)

Drop off at Greene Arc Facility (Mon-Fri: 9:30a to 1:00p), Prosperity

Board of Directors


volunteer Board of Directors oversees the corporate affairs of Greene Arc, Inc. These dedicated members serve the Agency well.  Board meetings are held every 3rd Thursday at 4:00 pm.


Pat Lemley

Vice President

Thelma Szarell


Laura Walters

Secretary/Family Rep

Jackie Slogan


Matt Blair


Donna Dire


Jennifer Ross


Lee Wytovich

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