Mental Health Recovery and Peer Support Program

Mental Health and Crisis Support Line for people dealing with anxiety or other difficult emotions during this COVID-19 difficult time. It is easy to feel alone and cut-off from the world; you are not alone and support is available. The Mental Health Support Line can be reached toll-free, 24/7 at


Peer Support Program

      reene Arc, Inc. provides Peer Support. Special Therapeutic interactions conducted by self-identified current or former individuals of behavioral health services who are trained and certified to offer support and assistance in helping others in their recovery and community-integration process.


What Can Peer Support Offer You?

  • Peer Support can offer hope and support through trying times.

  • A Peer Specialist's personal success can inspire hope in another person in their own recovery.

  • Peer Support can advocate for the person when the person struggles to advocate for themselves.

  • Peer Support can educate the individual about wellness and other issues, such as how symptoms can affect one's lifestyle.

  • Peer Support can offer support and encouragement for the person to make their own choices.

  • Peer Support assists an individual in planning for the time when symptoms may return and helps enable the individual to maintain a progressive path to recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Eligible For Peer Support?

Any adult resident of Greene County who is in mental health (and possible other co-occurring) recovery and is seeking their own recovery path is eligible.

Who Can Refer Individuals To the Program?

Anyone can refer a person to the program. The need for Peer Support needs to be recommended by a Practitioner of the Healing Arts such as a Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Primary Care Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Physicians Assistant or Doctor of Osteopathy.

Do I Need To Switch Providers For My Other Services
To Be In the Peer Support Program?

NO! Choice is one of the most important recovery principles and a person's preferences would be supported by the Peer Specialist. We do not promote unwanted changes in an individual's care. 

Greene Arc's Certified Peer Specialists will employ all reasonable effort and utilize all practical methods to partner with individuals in their recovery journeys.

What Does Recovery Mean?

To some individuals recovery might mean being symptom-free; to others it may be more about managing symptoms so they can lead a fulfilling life; and to others it's less about symptoms and more about meaningful roles and relationships. 

Peer Specialists respect the individuality of all people in recovery and acknowledge that... RECOVERY IS A JOURNEY THAT IS UNIQUE TO EACH INDIVIDUAL.

Peer Support currently serves 40 individuals.

Please call (724) 627-7079 for further assistance.