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Residential Program

        ften referred to as CLAs (Community Living Arrangements), group homes offer the most supervision and structure of any of the residential services offered by Greene Arc, Inc.


Occupancy for new homes under waiver funding is limited to a maximum of four residents and is supervised 24 hours a day. In some situations, more than one staff person is on duty to provide supervision and assistance. Staff assists the residents with daily living skills such as proper hygiene, appropriate social interaction, home care, money management and recreation.

Individual program plans are developed with the participation of the resident and family.


Our group homes offer a comfortable, stable and supervised environment.

All group homes are inspected annually and licensed by the Department of Human Services, Western Region Office of Developmental Programs.

Hours of Operation

The office hours are from 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday. The group home offers 24 hour staff supervision. Most meetings regarding the residents will take place during regular business hours. Family participation in the development of service plans is important, therefore, the meetings could occur at other times to gain maximum participation in the development of the plan.


Transitional Meetings: These meetings are intended to give the individual and their family members the opportunity to share experiences that will enable Greene Arc to better understand the individual who will reside in the home.

Placement: Your Supports Coordinator, Program Specialist and Director of Residential Services will make every attempt to assist you in securing placement for the individual in the setting and home environment that is most conducive to their wants and needs, as identified in the Individual Support Plan (ISP).

Rewarding Benefits

  • Individuals will have the opportunity to live in a home and be active members of their community.


  • They will be afforded the chance to have the "Everyday Life" experienced by other people.


  • They will receive assistance, as needed in developing the skills that will enhance this experience.


  • Their medical needs will be monitored by Agency personnel, consisting of trained Direct Support Professionals, a Residential Program Supervisor and the Director of Residential Services.


Admissions, the provision of services and referrals of eligible individuals, shall be made without regard to race, sex, color, religious creed, disability, ancestry, national origin (including limited English proficiency) or age.

There are currently 18 individuals being served through Residential Services.

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For More Information About Our

Group Homes, Contact:

Mary Keim, Director of Residential and
Program Specialist Services
(724) 627-5511, Ext. 116 / Fax: (724) 852-1764
(724) 757-5064

" I love it here. I love new staff and going on vacation. My staff are so nice and my family comes to visit me here and they bring me goodies. Especially cream pie. I like going out to eat, visiting friends and shopping." - Phil, Group Home Resident

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